/PM Modi’s life in danger ? Cops get 2nd email in a month

PM Modi’s life in danger ? Cops get 2nd email in a month

Security agencies are in a tizzy after receiving an email about a possible attempt on the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 19. This is the second such email within a month: the first was received in early September and tracked down to the Cachar district in Assam. The latest mail was sent three days ago.

The internet protocol address was traced to Pokhara in Nepal, sources confirmed, adding that efforts were on to identify and nab both senders. An officer said both emails were of two lines each, but the second one seemed more of an anonymous tipoff than a “threat”.

The first email talked vaguely about an attempt on the life of Modi on September 19. The second email is more specific. It says that highly trained agents from Pakistani spy agency Inter Services Intelligence had left for New Delhi to kill the prime minister.

When contacted, officials said agencies often received threat inputs and alerts on the prime minister’s life. In June this year, the Pune Police had recovered a letter by Maoists and unearthed a plot to assassinate PM Modi in a “Rajiv Gandhi-type incident”. The cops had found the communication while probing the case of Bhima Koregaon caste violence that took place in January this year.

Elaborating on these threats, an official explained that different desks in agencies weighed them as per their jurisdiction and declared them hoax after verification. “However, the two recent emails have a pattern and thus are being investigated separately. Multiple units, including our external intelligence agency, are at work,” an official said. The Special Protection Group, which guards the PM, is said to have taken extra steps following the latest threat assessments.