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The Param Vir Chakra is awarded for most conspicuous bravery or some daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice, in the presence of the enemy, whether on land, at sea, or in the air.

Following categories of persons are eligible for the Param Vir Chakra:
a. Officers and men and women of all ranks of the Naval, Military and Air Forces, of any of the Reserve Forces, of the Territorial Army, Militia and of any other lawfully constituted Armed Forces.
b. Matrons, Sisters, Nurses and the Staff of the Nursing Services and other Services pertaining to Hospitals and Nursing, and Civilians of either sex serving regularly or temporarily under the orders, directions or supervision of any of the above-mentioned Forces.


The PVC has been awarded 21 times, of which 14 were awarded posthumously and 16 arose from actions in Indo-Pakistani conflicts. Of the 21 awardees, 20 have been from the Indian Army, and one has been from the Indian Air Force. The Grenadiers, with three awards, have received the greatest number of Param Vir Chakras. The various Gorkha Rifle regiments of the Indian Army have received three awards, with the 1, 8, and 11 Gorkha Rifle regiments each having one PVC recipient.

As of January 2018, Flying Officer Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon, who was awarded the Param Vir Chakra posthumously in 1971, is the only Indian Air Force officer to have been honoured with the medal.] Subedar Major Bana Singh, Naib Subedar Sanjay Kumar and Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav, are the only living recipients of the award.

The *  indicates that the Param Vir Chakra was awarded posthumously.

NameUnitDate of actionConflictPlace of action
Somnath Sharma4 Kumaon3 November 1947*Battle of BadgamBadgam, J & K, India
Jadu Nath Singh1 Rajput6 February 1948*Indo-Pakistani War of 1947Naushera, J & K, India
Rama Raghoba RaneBombay Sappers08-Apr-48Indo-Pakistani War of 1947Naushera, J & K, India
Piru Singh Shekhawat6 Rajputana Rifles17 July 1948*Indo-Pakistani War of 1947Tithwal, J & K, India
Karam Singh1 Sikh13-Oct-48Indo-Pakistani War of 1947Tithwal, J & K, India
Gurbachan Singh Salaria3/1 Gorkha Rifles[d]5 December 1961*Congo CrisisÉlisabethville, Katanga, Congo
Dhan Singh Thapa1/8 Gorkha Rifles20-Oct-62Sino-Indian WarLadakh, J & K, India
Joginder Singh Sahnan1 Sikh23 October 1962*Sino-Indian WarTongpen La, NEFA, India
Shaitan Singh13 Kumaon18 November 1962*Sino-Indian WarRezang La, J & K, India
Abdul Hamid4 Grenadiers10 September 1965*Battle of Asal UttarKhemkaran, India
Ardeshir Burzorji Tarapore17 Poona Horse11 September 1965*Battle of ChawindaPhillora, Sialkot, Pakistan
Albert Ekka14 Guards3 December 1971*Battle of HilliGangasagar, Agartala, India
Nirmal Jit Singh SekhonNo. 18 Squadron14 December 1971*Indo-Pakistani War of 1971Srinagar, J & K, India
Arun Khetarpal17 Poona Horse16 December 1971*Battle of BasantarBarapind-Jarpal, Shakargarh, Pakistan
Hoshiar Singh3 Grenadiers17-Dec-71Battle of BasantarBasantar River, Shakargarh, Pakistan
Bana Singh8 JAK LI23-May-87Operation RajivSiachen Glacier, J & K, India
Ramaswamy Parameshwaran8 Mahar[e]25 November 1987*Operation PawanSri Lanka
Manoj Kumar Pandey1/11 Gorkha Rifles3 July 1999*Operation VijayKhaluber /Juber Top, J & K, India
Yogendra Singh Yadav18 Grenadiers04-Jul-99Battle of Tiger HillTiger Hill, J & K, India
Sanjay Kumar13 JAK Rifles05-Jul-99Kargil WarKargil, J & K, India
Vikram Batra13 JAK Rifles5 July 1999*Operation VijayKargil, J & K, India


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