/Make in India: Indian Navy to induct home made drones to guard against pirates

Make in India: Indian Navy to induct home made drones to guard against pirates

Indian Navy will soon have home-made drones for its anti-piracy operations. Speaking to FE Online, Milind Kulshreshtha, Head, (International), Vortex UAS, Gurgaon based, said “we plan to work on various new proposals, like use of weaponized drones for the Indian Navy’s anti-piracy operations, as support for MARCOS units.”

“We were earlier working with the Indian Army (Northern Command) and were part of their R&D effort with drones (rotary & fixed wing). A specialized Hexa drone as per Army specs underwent successful trials at 20,000 feet, at temp of -20 deg C and was thereafter delivered,” Kulshreshtha said.

The concept there was surveillance feature combined with action (of grenade drop etc.) as part of anti-terrorist activities. According to him the interaction with National Security Guard (NSG) commenced this year, for manufacturing smaller sized drone capable of carrying high explosive payload, with a provision to trigger this explosive remotely.

Almost like a Black Cat ‘hit’ team member in the sky for the commandos in the field, this weaponized drone with self-destruct capability (christened Kamikaze) is a game changer in Counter Intelligence (CI) operations.

Terrorists hiding in buildings/bunkers are no more safe since a pair of kamikaze drone has the capability of blasting through windows, and enter the building/bunker to hunt down the enemy.

“The kamikaze drones can be upscaled as per explosive carrying requirements. All the drones are manufactured locally in India by us, with programmable electronics procured from overseas,” added Kulshreshtha. The company sees its competition with US and Israel , while other countries are still working on this technology.

Vortex UAS a certified MSME has been at the forefront of R&D for militarized drones with long experience in manufacturing Unmanned Aerial Systems. Based on the requirement gathered over multiple rounds of discussions with the client side, and after various calculations and trials, a rotary drone configuration emerged and same was tested rigorously further.

The company’s focus has always been on foundational Research in key technology areas to enable effective use of drones. And has strategic tie-up with IIT Delhi to jointly develop technologies and software to enhance their IP.

Based on their latest innovations, Vortex UAS has developed several state of the art, compact and economical, indigenously made unmanned aerial systems that employ fixed wing and rotary drones with a suite of sensors that are exceptionally suited for multitude of applications. Highly specialized Drones have been manufactured and successfully tested in harsh conditions like up to 20,000 feet altitude and at temperatures upto -20C.