/India slammed Pakistan for destabalising Afghanistan and harbouring terror organisations

India slammed Pakistan for destabalising Afghanistan and harbouring terror organisations

India deplored Pakistan at the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) for destabalising Afghanistan and continuing to provide sanctuaries to terror organisations within the country.

“Offensives are planned and launched by those who are harboured in safe havens in the neighbourhood of Afghanistan. These sanctuaries have, for years, provided safety for the dark agendas of ideologically and operationally-fused terror networks like the Taliban, Haqqani network, Daesh, Al- Qaeda and its prescribed affiliates such as the Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed,” said Indian Diplomat Eenam Gambhir delivering India’s statement in UNGA.

Afghanistan has been a victim to terror attacks in 2018, leading to the death of thousands. The Jalalabad suicide attack in July killed the man Sikhs including Atma Singh who was to represent the minorities in the Afghan Parliament.

“It is clear that the terrorists and those who plan such attacks are not interested in peace. The goalposts for them have changed,” Gambhir said and added the terrorists and their supporters have now set up industries amongst them of narcotics and illegal mining in the territories they control stealing the resources of the Afghan people and to fund more violence and terrorism.

As per the latest reports on Global Terrorism Index released earlier this week, Afghanistan is now the world’s deadliest country for terrorism. One-quarter of all worldwide terrorism-related deaths during 2017 occurred in Afghanistan.

India also slammed Security Council sanctions committee for refusing to designate new leaders of the Taliban or to freeze the assets of the slain leader of Taliban stating that peace in Afghanistan is tied to the peace and security in the entire world.

Dwelling on Pakistan- Afghanistan relationship, Afghanistan’s permanent representative to UN Ambassador Mahmoud Saikal said, “No country can benefit more from a peaceful and stable Afghanistan, than Pakistan itself.”

Kabul and Islamabad signed the Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity between Afghanistan and Pakistan ( APAPPS) in April this year. The mechanism is aimed for improved cooperation to address outstanding concerns with respect to combating terrorism, and clear measures to advance peace efforts.

The Assembly held its annual debate on the situation in Afghanistan during which it adopted a resolution on the matter by a record 124 vote in favour to none against, with 3 abstentions (Libya, Russian Federation, Zimbabwe).

India has emerged as one of the major development partners of Afghanistan in the last few years. The India-Afghanistan Air-Freight Corridor has helped Afghan products to reach India and via Chabahar port, India has connectivity to the Afghanistan market.