/How to Crack SSB in first attempt
SSB interview

How to Crack SSB in first attempt


SSB – Crack it in first attempt.

 I want to share some HIDDEN things that aren’t deciphered by candidates.

Here we go:

Psychological tests:

Here the candidate is made to write stories, WAT, SRT And self description. Starting with stories. SSB wants us to take ‘Risk’. So do make risky stories like saving people from a building which is on fire. See, the concept is that you will make the character do those things only which you think You can do it. Isn’t it? Now think of a person Drowning in river. You bring a crocodile also which is nowhere to be seen in the picture. But you brought it because you have a fear of crocodiles in rivers. Thus, when the psychologist check he asks “Why did the candidate bring the crocodile when he is shown the the only difficulty the candidate is facing is by water and he simply cannot swim. One more thing, we start by writing our stories like this “Manoj was a VERY INTELLIGENT, VERY STUDIOUS, VERY HELPFUL, VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE BOY”. See, the psychologist is NOT AT ALL impressed by these adjectives. Emphasis should be on showing HOW is he what he is. Show the psychologists “Manoj helps his mother” (by whatever he does). Thus he becomes helpful. We didn’t do the gift wrapping but made him do so work which showed us that. Don’t think that psychologist won’t get it. He is experienced. He knows what you write by showing actions. So, stop showing by writing the adjectives but show his skills by showing actions. Psychologists is interested in actions. One more thing, when we have a situation of suppose “CANDIDATES STANDING IN FRONT OF A COLLEGE BOARD”, Always go like this…..”Ramesh Planned to organise a farewell”. This shows that you plan first and then actions come. Let me put it this way “He saw the boy drowning and PLANNED TO SAVE HIM. For this, he brought a boat, rope etc. If you show the psychologist that YOU ova already made up a plan what will you do, you get more marks. And its good to plan first. What will be the result of your actions has to be put first and then put actions. Another example “X’s brother wasn’t performing well in studies, so, he planned to make him pass with good marks and for this, he….(actions)”. Psychologists have empathy with you. They know what you are thinking. The trick is SSB is looking for the last intention of the person. When we write he was a good boy, the last intention is to “Impress” the psychologists by telling him look! My character is very positive and a nice boy, which you shouldn’t. Show him HOW, rather than show him how he really Is. Make the essence of the product work rather than the gift wrap. And your friend’s name should be your SSB friends. Why? Aren’t they your friend? At least if not all, put 3-4 names of the ssb room mates names. This Automatically shows that you are person who is lively, friendly. Did you write somewhere this? NO! Just by writing their names, you made him realise this fact. DON’T write Ramesh was a BOY(As I wrote in previous sentences). If you write a boy, means you think you are just a boy and not a MAN. Write “Ramesh was _____ MAN”. Psychology is based on the WORDS and they think that whatever you write has some meaning hidden. Thus, IF you say “sir I have taken coaching, they think you are coached”. Its better to say “sir! I took training”, then they think that you are just trained. Whatever you write through sentence in psychology, is a meaningful sentence having a meaning. One more thing. Very important one. Always involve group ie “Ramesh and his friends”, take group along in activities. You aren’t One man army here. If you don’t involve friends, family, community you are TAKEN TO BE selfish person who thinks about himself only. Thus, not suited for armed forces where group is important. Show leadership but don’t write he was a leader. Show it HOW. Your PIQ form must involve some group activities like football, cricket. Avoid BOXING and games where You are the sole recipient. Its good if you are a national player in boxing. Write that! But don’t write solely boxing. Avoid it. And don’t be too truthful. In psychology, being too truthful is also “baemani”(Dishonesty). Why? Because your last intention is to impress the psychologist or the IO that see! I am being very honest, thus choose me! Everyone lies. Accept it. But don’t say this “sir main toh college time par ‘drugs’ leta tha, bike bhi jalayi hain Maine logo ki. This isn’t honesty. Even if you are honest and you have done this, Your basic nature of “destruction” is seen rather than ‘just honesty’. Avoid it! Before writing a story in exam, just think you are already in academy. You are an officer. And you have all the OLQs. This will make the character do things which are required of him taking risks. One more thing, donot write like this “Ramesh and his friends went for a picnic”. Why picnic? Why not for some research in forest? Always be on some mission. Don’t make “aaram” wali stories. If you see some accident in the story then RUSH to the spot. Give first aid through say handkerchief, water to drink. Park the crashed scooter to a safe side(so that traffic doesn’t stop). Take him in auto! (YOU WILL DO IT, NOONE ELSE). Call your mother from auto that you shall be late(this shows house responsibility too). Admit him in hospital. Go to the peculiarities of the stories. Small small things fetch you marks. Minute details of the scene if imagines nicely will fetch marks. If you are a man, make a story of 22-26 year old. Don’t assume yourself to be a woman if you aren’t a female candidate. If you going for CDS entry, don’t write he wanted to prepare for NDA. Be in present. Class 12th bhool jaao, if you are in graduation. Be a man! Not a boy. And stop blaming the authority, govt. And never say this “to make people aware”. This a a bad thing when you think that people aren’t aware and you are aware! Always think that you know what others also know and vice-versa.

WAT: Word like “Stranger”——> 1. Stranger is danger 2. Stranger is not danger. Both are wrong. From both sentences we get the notion that for us stranger is always a danger even if you write “not danger”. This is how psychology works. WRITE” STRANGER IS OPPORTUNITY”. Word like “SSB” ——> 1. SSB IS DIFFICULT 2. SSB IS NOT DIFFICULT. Both won’t fetch you marks. Both hows your attitude towards SSB. Write something like this “SSB is a sub-set of life” This shows that you learn from life and you take it sub to be like life only. Hence, the person is genuine enough. Don’t start with “I”. Avoid giving sentences in words. Make sentences rather because giving word for a word shows that you couldn’t even think of the sentence and thus to escape the time of 15 seconds you chose to write word. Practice sentence making. This isn’t a sentence or English competition.

SRT: Situation 1: It was a VERY COLD morning. Geyser wan’t working. While replying candidate starts to shiver already because he thinks very cold is freezing. He is fearful now. DON’T GO BY WORDS LIKE VERY. These are meant to scare you. REPLY “He took bath and went for work”. Thats it. A small sentence is enough to explain your courage. One more thing. Don’t write “HE DIDN’T FEAR FROM COLD WATER AND TOOK BATH”. Why do you write didn’t fear from cold water, when you aren’t afraid you don’t say it. Use reverse psychology here please! Just took bath and went. Make it look like a cake walk. Situation 2: He was in a complete strange place. He lost his wallet,he…? Candidate shall think here “place strange hain, too yaar udhar Kaise lunga” This shows that you don’t trust people. And in WAT you write that stranger is danger. SEE, how things match! Reply” Lodged FIR, borrowed from someone” (yeh bhi mat litho with a promise to give him back). Borrow kiya hain too doge hee na, why you trying to show to the psychologist that see! I am giving him back also. Stop these things. Situation 3: Women surrounded by 2 men molesting” Reply: He saved the girl(This shows your dedication that you planned to save the girl already) BY Rushing to the spot and using the girl power as well to fight the criminals. At first instance only, you plan your action what will you do and then act accordingly. Situation : Person steals a bag from you and ran…YOU? Here, Most of the candidates say that “I will try to catch him. Now wait a minute! Try to catch him? Means aren’t you sure you will catch him? Is the thief that you imagined stronger than the character? Some even write like this — He will chase him and catch him after 100-200 metres. WHY are you mentioning the distance. 200 metres? You aren’t even sure to catch him without running for 200 metres? Reply should be “*He caught him* by chasing him fast and handed over him to the police” People often reply like this “…and at the end got thanks from policeman for HIS BRAVERY”. Please, don’t mention such words. Bravery should be put into actions without mentioning it anywhere. Let the psychologist know he is brave. You don’t tell him by saying “Brave”. To bring out qualities is psychologist work. You just do actions of bravery and not write Brave. Situation 2: Father wants you to have arranged marriage and you want love. You? Now most of the candidates directly write will convince my parents about my decision to marry a girl. Better reply is “Listen to my parents advice first AND THEN give my points about the decision that I am taking…..” Here, it shows you listen to people but at the end you give better points too. Directly parents ko bola “NAHI TOH NAHI” isn’t taken to be good. Unko bhi suno kya keh rahe hain woh log. Situation : Person gun points at you and asks for wallet. Reply “ De do and inform police”. Now the person gun points at a women and tries to molest. Ab yeh mat hone dena. Lado! Shor macho, he will run.

Self description :

All the four paragraphs must denote some or the other OLQs. So keep them in mind and secretly pass through actions. For example : I help my friends, mother, plans things in advance. Qualities laao! Because they have 15 heads(for 15 OLQs) and under each head give marks. Don’t write “I AM A VERY OBEDIENT BOY”. See you are a man now and not obedient. Jawans are obedient. I was shocked when my psychologist encircled obedient word by saying Leave the tendency now to listen to whatever ‘elders’ say. Give your point now. You are a man, my son! This is not that important part but yes, must match with the stories Wat SRT


The interviewing officer shall say “ohhh good, what else, very nice, thats really nice”….These sometimes are spoken just to make you feel that you are doing great in interview and you put down your whole bad phases in front of him. This is a trap. Avoid it. He may yawn just to show that he is not interested. He is interested. Don’t go by his “facial expressions”. IF he says “suppose! You don’t get into this SSB what shall you do?” Tell him one thing “sir! I am sure I will make it in this SSB itself”. Then he will further question you “no! No! Candidate you aren’t getting me, suppose you don’t make it…there are chances that you don’t”..Tell him “Sir! lets wait for the conference I am confident I will make it” (This trick was revealed to me by my family friend uncle who is a president and psychologist of coast guard). He will ask you your routine. Go like this “Sir, I wake up around 7-7:30”…..(Don’t say at sharp 7 or sharp 8. This shows that you are trying to show that you are telling truth, which he takes it to be false. Things said be precision like nation of time is taken to be false conception. Thus, always say the range 8-8:30. Sir then after waking up, I go for a job, walk, yoga, games etc. Come back. READ NEWSPAPER(this automatically shows you are well versed with current affairs). An officer must know whats going on here and there. Well he would ask you questions from current affairs, so be ready to face 2-3 since you said poured newspaper. Then I study, help my mother in shopping. ALSO, see whatever is required in my house “BY MYSELF”. This shows you not dependent on father or mother. Stop saying that my father encourages me! NO! This is the time where you should be self motivated. Stop saying my mother takes care of me. At this time you should do it. FEEL yourself as independent. You take care of house! (Finances, yes, father takes care). Be responsible. This is like a Story isn’t it? Where the character reads newspaper, jogs, helps people. Then if there in the story why not here? You take part in decision of the family. You should. Isn’t it? And at night sir I am PLAN what is shall do at night and then sleep. This shows you are ready for tomorrow. IO asks “How many friends do you have?” And we say I have 7-8 friends. Really? Say to him “All are my friends”(This was revealed to me My many psychologists). He will then make a surprising face. “Really? How can everyone be your friend?, Don’t you think people are bad and they break trust?” Don’t be disillusioned by this. Stick to your point that people are friends to each other. If you will want, even an engine driver would help you in misery. People save lives on roads of strangers. Isn’t it? But dikat yahi hain ki we are always taught at home “Bahar ki dunia bekar hain”. Thats why we don’t leave such mentality. In academy everyone is your friend. Friendship isn’t a tag. Friendship isn’t about remembering the names of people. It comes from within you. Its about trust yet being cautious. He(IO) also asks sometimes love marriage karate ki arranged. Boldena sir love Karunga. Arranged lagta hain jaise ki MOM-DAD ko convince nahi Kar paaoge love ke liye. Yahan thoda you can make him smile.


Group planning exercise(GPE):

Kanoon apne heathon mein mat lena. But Very important thing to note is “IF YOU MEET SOME MISCHIEF PEOPLE WHO ARE COMING TO LOOT FROM A TEMPLE”, TOH YOU ALSO BE READY TO FIGHT. WAIT FOR THEM TO COME. KEEP STICK IN HAND. MISCHIEF WALE LOG KAYAR HOTE HAIN. When they see a crowd at them, they usually run. Too yum daro mat. Tum ek nahi, 10 log ho wahan. But agar gun hain haath mein too police ko inform too karna hee hain. And also, temple authority ko bhi. While PGT, his phone shall RING. He will show less attention. Don’t be distracted. IN GTO, Don’t say “yes come on! You shall do it, yes be careful” You think you will get marks? NO. Your batchmate is capable enough and careful enough to understand himself. Yes, if he places foot on red spot, just remind him. Don’t try to impress the GTO by saying showing you are responsible. In GD too, its never between you and the candidates, The words that you speak have meaning for GTO As well. He never take current affairs GD as current affairs. Lot of things are seen. For example you say “I don’t think India can be successful or surpass china” This shows lack of confidence. Never say “friends! I am NOT SURE” but I think. He will make you negative for saying not sure. Why aren’t your sure. While starting the PGT, Always look at the end line at the other end. And plan from which way you shall start and give reasons why would you choose that part. Convince the group and have faith on the group. Believe in your group. Take it as a family and not as a competition. Only then you shall succeed. Also, choose topic no. 1 in Lecturate. Because if you don’t the GTO after using your card, thinks why you didn’t choose? You are too scared to say on the topic because we are too scared to speak in front of people. Isliye, people often choose 4th topic , the easiest one! This is not the way. One more secret told by my uncle is ——> “ AS SOON AS YOU CHOOSE TOPIC NUMBER ONE, GTO GIVES US 6 MARKS OUT OF 10” and then adds to 6 marks later. He sees confidence that you chose this. If you choose second topic you get 4-5 marks out of 10. Don’t be afraid to speak less on difficult topic. We have a habit on speaking more on less difficult topics and to show our batchmates see mere English theek hain. English baad ki baat hain. That too counts, but what counts is your fearlessness. More marks are not for those who climb ropes easily, but for those “jo Kam se Kam do Baar attempt karte hain” to climb a robe. Climbing a rope can be trained, but your will to do a things isn’t much trainable. Thus, do every task. Atleast show GTO that you want to, but because of lack of physical force not able to do so. Dont take “marks” printed on the individual obstacles as marks. Otherwise those who do 10 out of 10 would be recommended and those who did only 5 didn’t. But that’s not the case. “How you do task” is more important than just completion and flaunting with your roommates that I did these many tasks. Har task par jaao. Attempt karo. ISI ke marks hain. Nothing else. Everything else would be taught in academy.

Luck, destiny, hard work everything falls here. You will go where you are best suited to go. Rest leave to GOD.