/Hope India & Pakistan live in camaraderie, says Farooq Abdullah

Hope India & Pakistan live in camaraderie, says Farooq Abdullah

Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday claimed that mindset of leaderships in India and Pakistan is changing and a resolution of the Kashmir issue appears to be emerging.

The National Conference MP welcomed the positive approach of Pakistan’s leadership on resolving long pending issues with government of India. He said that religious polarisation is a threat to the secular character of India.

Earlier this week, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan referred to his discussion with former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who had told him that Kashmir would have been resolved if BJP had not lost bethe 2004 Lok Sabha elections.

Addressing a gathering at SKICC , Abdullah said: “…I foresee a time when my colleagues, friends and family members move around without security. It is perhaps for that day, god has kept me going. I wish that day comes when the two neighboring countries of India and Pakistan live in camaraderie.”

The NC leader said people wanted answers for all those promises made by the BJP.

“People cannot forget the ordeal they had to undergo due to demonetisation,” he said.

He said only a popular government could mitigate the mounting woes of the people.

“Governor’s rule is for a short term. I’m sure elections are held peacefully and honest people get elected.”