/Hi-tech borders will ease pressure on soldiers: Home Minister Rajnath Singh

Hi-tech borders will ease pressure on soldiers: Home Minister Rajnath Singh

Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday said technological solutions in border security, which were being implemented by India, would eliminate the need for a soldier to stand guard round-the-clock to protect the borders.

He said a Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS) was being implemented by the government to strengthen border security and a pilot project under the system was launched in Jammu and Duhari in Assam.

“We want that such technological solutions be used where there is fencing because it gets damaged after some time. This will ensure a complete border security,” Singh said while addressing BSF soldiers in Rajasthan’s Bikaner.

“We are going to implement this too… this will take time but our soldiers will not have the need to stand guard constantly round-the-clock on the border for protection,” he said.

“They will get to know if any intruder is entering India and the nearest border outpost will be alerted by the command and control centre and security will be ensured,” he said.

Singh said there would be a command and control centre where the soldiers would monitor activities on the border.

On a two-day trip to Rajasthan, Singh also performed ‘Shastra Puja’ on Dussehra, a tradition followed by the shatriyas (warrior caste). But this became the first time that a central minister performed the puja at the BSF sector head quarter.

Motivating the men, Singh said the Pakistan Army is scared of the India because of the brave BSF Jawans that the country has. “Pakistani Rangers fear the BSF jawans. This feeling of nationalism amongst you is inspirational. This was the same feeling that the freedom fighters like Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh and Khudiram Bose had,” he said.

Singh also talked about the victory of good over evil on the festival of Dussehra. He said that Ravan was more powerful and richer than Ram but still he was defeated as Ravan’s character wasn’t pure. Touching the topic of Kashmir he added that their government had allocated a bigger budget to Kashmir because they want peace there and Kashmir’s growth is vital to the country.

Earlier on Thursday, Singh had held meetings with BSF officers. He had also inspected the living conditions, the rooms and the kitchens of the soldiers after which there was an interaction with the families of the jawans.