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Determined To Fight Taliban, 46 Afghan Cadets Pass Out From Indian Military Academy

The number of Afghan cadets passed out from Indian Military Academy is noticeably high this year. Out of 147 cadets, 46 trainees were from Afghanistan, which is the most significant numbers from the passed out junior trainee officers, reported The Times of India.

The reason why these afghan cadets are training with the Indian Military Academy is so that they can join the Afghan Army to fight against Taliban in Afghanistan. There have been a string of Taliban attacks in Afghanistan since 2001, killing many civilians and Afghan forces in the process. To bring peace and harmony in their country, these afghan cadets are joining the defence forces.

Afghan cadets joining IMA ::

One such Afghan cadet who joined the IMA is 16-year-old Romal Wahizada from Jalalabad. As per The Economic Times, the main reason for him to join the IMA was an insurgent Taliban attack that took place in Jalalabad, where they beheaded several civilians including his relatives.

“The attack was a show of strength by the militants,” recalls Wahizada, who still gets goosebumps while narrating the incident. “I was shaken and didn’t talk to anyone for a long time. On seeing the blood of innocents being shed, I pledged to join the defence forces.”

He wishes that many people from the younger generation join the defence forces such that, they could erase the militants from Afghanistan. However, his family was unhappy with his decision of joining the army as they are from lower middle strata in the conflict-ridden part of Afghanistan.

The cries of woman and children forced the Afghan boy to join the army and battle against Taliban forces, who is finally set to authorise in the Afghan National Army. Another 24-year-old Afghan cadet, who yearns to join the Afghan National Army is Raheb Rashid and wishes to carry forward his father‘s legacy of fighting for the country.

Afghan trainees want to fight Taliban ::

As per Hindustan times, Raheb Rashid has grown up hearing his father‘s war stories since childhood and wants to have the same passion on battlefield. “I was always fascinated with the war tales which he used to narrate to me during childhood. I can remember, how he used to get passionate about our Afghanistan while narrating the tales of fighting against Soviet Union forces. He wanted me to join the army as he knows the importance of a country’s sovereignty.”

Raheb‘s father, Zarif Rashid, fought as Mujahideen commander against Soviet forces during the Soviet Union‘s invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. By joining the army, he wanted to defend his country against the militants, whom he labelled as non-Muslims for killing innocent people in the name of Islam and desires to battle against them till his last breath.

Just like Romal and Raheb, several other Afghan cadets, who passed out from IMA aims to bring change by inducing peace and brotherhood in Afghanistan. Accordingly, other foreign cadets, who passed out from IMA are from Bhutan (15), Maldives (6) and Kazakhstan(5).