/China may park Weapons in Pakistan to keep them away from international glare and to help Pakistan

China may park Weapons in Pakistan to keep them away from international glare and to help Pakistan

Pakistan’s threat to India that it has answer for every weaponry that India has despite the fact that the country is moving towards economic bankruptcy if International Monetary Fund (IMF) does not bail it out with $6 billion loan. But it keeps on boasting that it has answer for India’s INS Arihant and even soon to be acquired S 400 missile system. Is Pakistan really that capable?

Former foreign secretary Shashank told Oneindia, “See Pakistan is not an independent country. So the need is to understand it in a historical perspective that Pakistani and the then people belonging to Muslim League were hand in glob with British during the freedom movement. Now they are ready to play second fiddle to anyone willing to pay them money and armament at cheaper prize. They have done this to UK, the US, Saudi Arabia, China and now they are trying do do it with Russia.”

Shashank said that Pakistan sent its former Army chief General (retd.) Raheel Sharif to head Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism’s (IMCTC) first commander-in-chief. Its creation was announced by Saudi Arabian defence minister Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud on December 15, 2015. The alliance was to have a joint operations center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Most of its participants are members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, the Islamic organisation and Pakistan is busy signing maximum agreement with Saudi Arabia to become a totally Salafi state. China is helping whatever way it is possible. China is actually producing a very good quality stuff and they will give them to Pakistan. Pakistan will allow China to use their people as virtual slaves and allow its territories to be used by China the way it was using North Korea. So they may keep their weapons in Pakistan because if it is in China, US may have an eye on them.

He said that there is also a need to understand the strategic location of Pakistan making it important to all rather it was created in such a way by British and the US that it remains important. Before the second world war got over, they have already negotiated partition of India in 1936 somewhere in Cairo, Egypt because the importance of steel and coal was getting over and oil was going to be the next big thing for all purposes including war and energy security. However, now Indian Ocean emerging in prominence India’s strategic importance to increased with Indian Ocean becoming the most important piece of contention.

The former foreign secretary said that historically colonial powers and even the US decided to keep a close watch on wherever oil resources were and to have their own people and government there. But former Prime Minister J L Nehru was considered unreliable for them for being a leftist despite being close to them. M N Roy had set up a school for communists for Taskant under USSR umbrella. So they were afraid that Indians might join these fellows in Taskant therefore India had to be divided. It was agreed upon after the second world war was over.

Another strategic expert Ashish Shukla said that so Pakistan will not only be bailed out but military supported for its strategic location and the Pakistan knows it well and relishes on the fact by dalliance with every important country in the world.