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24 Year Old Afghan Solider, son of ex-Mujahideen gets trained at IMA

A 24-year old Afghan Soldier is now ready to join Afghan Defence forces after he recently passed out on Saturday from Indian Military Academy in Pune.

Continuing his father’s legacy who fought as a Mujahideen commander during Soviet invasion in Afghanistan in 1979, Mohammed Raheb Rashid was among 80 foreign gentleman cadets (FGC) who have clearly qualified and passed out this Saturday from IMA.

“I was always determined to join the army after listening the heroic tales of his father and former Mujahideen commander, Mohammed Zarif Rashid, on how he fought the invading Soviet forces with his AK47 and a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) on his soldier,” Raheb says in an interview.

Before joining IMA, Raheb was in National Defence Academy in Pune. Revealing about his childhood experience, he said: “It was always my father’s dream to see me joining the army and I have grown up listening to the tales of his valour and courage while fighting the Soviets in our country. I am happy that I have been able to live his dream and don the uniform.”

Recalling tales his father used to narrate to him while he was still a kid, jhe said: “I was always fascinated with the war tales which he used to narrate to me during childhood. I can remember, how he used to get passionate about our Afghanistan while narrating the tales of fighting against Soviet Union forces. He wanted me to join army as he knows the importance of country’s sovereignty.”

Serving one’s country is a matter of pride Raheb says speaking to HT.

When asked about fighting militants in his home country he said: “I am fully determined to fight them and defend my country. They are not Muslims as they are killing innocents in the name of Islam. I will fight them till the last drop of blood in my body.”

Raheb’s father Zarif now 63 was had flown down to Dehradun to witness his son become an army officer.

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